About Us


We believe that there is a universal energy that we choose to call God.  We try at all times to live by the teachings of Jesus the Christ – that Love for all is the most important attribute.  By following those teachings we also accept compatible teachings from the other Great Masters. 

The failings and disappointments that we have in our life-time are for us to grow from, to develop in us qualities which we would otherwise lack, so that we may grow in love and understanding of others and to bring us closer to our ever loving God.

By our self-acknowledgement of our failings and by asking God for help to overcome them, we can make spiritual advancement.



To further the Christian Spiritualist Religion and to ordain Ministers thereof.  To establish and foster a nucleus of responsible and Spiritual people who are competent, caring and have a high degree of integrity encompassing the Principles of the Society.

 To act as an umbrella organisation to provide support and guidance for other Churches/Groups etc. who accept our principles.  The Society will not become involved in the actual day to day running of any body. 


To provide high quality integrated Healing, Healer-Counselling and care for any in need.  This is supported by the following principles: -

   1)  We treat patients and Healers as individuals.

2)  Our aim is to provide training and development of Healers and Healer-Counsellors based on equal opportunities.

3)  We are committed to working in partnership with the Medical Profession and other Therapists.

4)  To provide support and guidance for other Groups/Clinics.  The Society will not become involved in the actual day to day running of any body.

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