SPRING 2020


Annual General Meeting

 Our AGM had been planned for the end of June.  However, in the light of the current Corona Virus situation the Executive Committee has agreed that the meeting should be cancelled for this year.  We hope that you as members will support us in this decision.

 Letter from the Chairman

In these troubled times I have been pondering for quite a while what I should write about.  The word Angel keeps coming into my brain so here goes.

 First let’s look at some definitions:- 

 An Angel is a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.

 Or a person of exemplary conduct or virtue.

 Or even a person who supports a business financially, typically one who invests private capital in a small or newly established enterprise.

 Or perhaps a former English coin minted between the reigns of Edward IV and Charles I and bearing the figure of the archangel Michael killing a dragon.

 So how do we see Angels?

 I suppose to a certain extent it depends on the time of year.  At Christmas obviously we think about the Angel Gabriel coming to tell Mary that she is going to have a baby.  Then later in the story we think about the appearance of the Angel and the choir of Angels appearing to the Shepherds as they watch their sheep.    Because of these stories we think of Angels as ‘Ethereal’ looking a bit like human beings but with large wings and halos.  Is this a true picture and are all Angels ‘Ethereal’ and sent by God?

 We are told that there is a hierarchy in the Angelic realms.  There are Archangels and ‘Guardian Angels’, then there are ‘Guides’ and or ‘Helpers’.   Each of the titles given helps us to understand their roles.  The ‘Guides’ role is to quite literary guide us and ‘Helpers’ role is to help us live out our lives on this earth.

 I am sure that by now you may well already be ahead of me.  I firmly believe that there are also human who deserve the title of an angel.  They come in all sorts of colour, race, and beliefs.  They live in lots of different types of accommodation, houses, flats, apartments etc.  They may be related to you, i.e. daughter, sons, nieces or nephews etc., they may be a neighbour, a friend, or sometimes a complete stranger.

 I was shopping for groceries in Sainsbury’s a few days ago needing a few potatoes and a young man was picking up the last few in the shop.  We started talking (as you do) and without hesitation he found an empty bag and split the loose potatoes he had put into his trolley with me.  I am sure he would have seen himself as an angel but I certainly did.

 Of course there have been many examples of people showing love and concern to anyone whether it is friends, family, neighbours, or strangers.  Whichever you are please take care, stay safe, not just for yourself and for the people who live in your town, village etc. and of course the whole world.  Can I suggest that we all send out our positive and loving thoughts each evening at 9:00 p.m.  We know the importance of prayer and positive thinking.

 Please continue to be angels to all those that you come into contact with.  Share the love and healing in all directions of the world so that it may be healed.

 We will be writing again later in the year.

 As there will be no AGM this year I thought it might be helpful to add the end of year accounts to this edition of news and views so that you are all aware of our financial situation.


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